Dovile Projects are mainly focused on the movement involved in the creation of glass objects using glass blowing technique. Her quest for knowledge coupled with her passion for glass work are leading her to explore the making process for the purpose of discovery rather than forcing the material to deliver abstract ideas.

‘’Oozing Glass’’ 2019, Glass blowing and handmade copper elements. Exposed: Marvelous Art Gallery, Deacon Street Arts Leicester, Café Conexion.

‘’Gravity’’ 2016, Glass blowing and handmade copper elements.

Exposed: London New Designers, DMU Degree Show.

’Drawing and Glass’’, 2015 Glass Blowing into an object. DMU Leicester.

‘’Curving Glass’’ 2015, Glass blowing. Exposed: Trinity House Leicester part of ‘’Crafted’’ exhibition.

‘’Slice Glass’’, 2014 glass blowing and wool felting, composition size 10x20x8 cm. DMU Leicester.